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Return on Investment: ARCTIC EDITION

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Cold Beverages and the Importance of the Chilled Beverage Dispenser

Ever since the invention of refrigeration in 1800s, artisans of the restaurant industry have been creative with different methods of refrigerating and displaying beverages.

After a multitude of gyrations, the current refrigerated beverage dispenser came to exist.

In the past 2 decades, there has been a wave of health-conscious food trends and diets. As a result, carbonated soda has received unprecedented negative attention.

Gary Hemphill, Managing Director of Research for New York-based Beverage Marketing Corporation (BMC) noted how carbonated beverages have seen volume sales decline for 15 consecutive years. “Today’s consumers want both variety and healthier refreshments, trends which have negatively impacted carbonated soft drinks.”

According to Beverage Industry Magazine, “The unhealthy perception of the carbonates will only accelerate among consumers, leading to falling consumption rates”.

Non-Carbonated beverages, on the other hand, have seen aggressive growth, as they are perceived as healthier alternatives to carbonates. In recent years, product manufacturers have introduced countless products that are sugar-free, low sugar, organic, etc.

Some of the most prominent multi-national restaurant chains have jumped on the trend and are making the chilled beverage dispenser part of their business model.

ugolini chilled beverage dispensers are the most complete product line on the market. Proven over decades, they are operating in over 65 countries including outdoors, in hot and humid weather settings.

ugolini chilled beverage dispensers are manufactured in Italy with all European components. We do not use any Chinese components. It is the only dispenser that can make this claim.

ugolini chilled beverage dispensers have an aesthetically appealing design that will add to your setting, whether in the back of house or front of house.

ugolini is the only line in the U.S. that offers chilled beverage dispensers with stirring, fountain or paddle mixing options. They can candle all kind of beverages with different viscosities, sugar content, and juices including:

  • Iced Tea

  • Cold Coffee

  • Pulpy Juices

  • Alcoholic Drinks

  • Lemonade

  • Horchata

  • More!

The return on investment (ROI) of the refrigerated beverage dispensers is the fastest of any equipment in food outlet setting. See the analysis below:


  • Medium size drink

  • 20 drinks sales per day

  • Retail drink price: $2.29

  • Retail drink cost $0.32


Arctic Compact 2 ✕ 8 Liter Bowls

  • Weekly revenue: $320.60

  • Weekly profit: $275.80

  • Cost of unit: $1099.00

  • R.O.I: 3.9 weeks

Arctic Deluxe 2 ✕ 20 Liter Bowls

  • Weekly revenue: $320.60

  • Weekly profit: $275.80

  • Cost of unit: $1199.00

  • R.O.I: 4.3 weeks

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