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Modern and innovative, QUICKGEL can be used to offer your customers gelato and ice cream with soft to firm consistency as well as a wide range of new products. Designed with maximum attention to quality, details and functionality it will soon become an appliance you can’t do without. Surprisingly compact in its elegant, minimalistic Italian design, QUICKGEL is fully customizable, it can be used to promote your brand and products in an impressive way.


QUICKGEL operation is extremely simple, thanks to its clear touchscreen display and intuitive user interface. Use its versatile digital programmability to apply QUICKGEL to prepare and dispense a wide range of product options. Great for any establishment's busiest periods, QUICKGEL can produce one 80 gram ice cream cone every 20 seconds, or 180 cones per hour - and if you need more, just top the machine off while in use!


$6,999.00 Regular Price
$6,159.00Sale Price
    • One-piece mixer for dry, compact and consistent ice cream
    • Upper lid with anti-vibration gasket and optional locking
    • Product delivery by gravity through air regulation valve
    • Removable panel for condenser cleaning
    • Easily replaceable graphics on all sides for branding display
    • Powerful, variable-speed brushless motor for wide product range application
    • Display of upper lid temperature for safe product preservation
    • LED backlit graphics
    • Versatile programming for wide product range application
    • Effortless automatic washing function to clean the appliance easily
    • Low energy consumption mode
    • Large tray with maximum level float
    • Sophisticated software for total product control
    • Touch display with modern and intuitive user interface
    • Ice cream production: 1 cone weighing 80 grams every 20 seconds
    • Designed, manufactured and assembled in Italy 🇮🇹



    • Height: 72 cm
    • Width: 26 cm
    • Depth: 57 cm
    • Weight: 50 kg
    • Hopper: 4 L
    • Cylinder: 2 L



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