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MiniGEL Plus


The technically innovative Ugolini MiniGEL Plus countertop ice cream dispenser has been designed to meet the needs of businesses who wants to offer their customers top quality soft ice cream. Compact and easy to use with simple, elegant lines, MiniGEL Plus has been designed to be noticed and serve ice cream in its perfect form. Designed, manufactured and assembled in Itlay, MiniGEL Plus is durable, repliable and offers 100% product visibility, encouraging customers to buy with its crystal-clear, shockproof polycarbonate 6-liter bowls. 


Utilizing Ugolini's patented RECOVER ENERGY technology, tank-locking system, and glass presence sensor, MiniGEL Plus is unmatched at keeping cold in, and keeping your energy costs down. With its unique tilted bowl, condensation collection and bowl defrosting system, Ugolini engineers have designed MiniGEL Plus to be as easy as possible to clean and maintain, making your work simpler and more profitbale.






Ugolini Maintenance Kits contain Genuine Ugolini Parts that need to be replaced every 6 months in order to meet warranty requirements and keep your Ugolini dispenser in proper working order.


These parts include normal wear-and-tear items such as rubber gaskets and O-rings. Left unchanged, these parts may deteriorate over time and cause damage to your dispenser not covered under warranty such as breakage or leakage.


When added to your equipment order, Maintenance Kits are discounted up to 25% off regular price.


$2.599,00 Prezzo regolare
$2.419,00Prezzo scontato
    • Patented RECOVER ENERGY technology keeps cold temperature in and saves power costs
    • Patented tank locking system
    • Glass presence sensor for quick delivery
    • Minimalistic, elegant design; compact countertop footprint
    • LED backlit images & graphic branding display
    • Great for frozen beverages and creamy frozen desserts
    • Enhanced mixing system for a denser and firmer ice cream
    • Designed, manufactured and assembled in Italy 🇮🇹




    • MiniGEL Plus 1
    • Height: 62 cm
    • Width: 20 cm
    • Depth: 48 cm
    • Weight: 25 kg
    • Capacity: 6 L
    • MiniGEL Plus 2
    • Height: 62 cm
    • Width: 40 cm
    • Depth: 48 cm
    • Weight: 45 kg
    • Cylinders: 12 L




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